Childhood photos

Lincoln School Beanie and  Sequoia pin from george Pepper





Second Grade:  Lincoln School from Marty Graul 

Back Row:  Jeff Miller, Chuck Barsotti, Greg Cochran, Greg Guiol, Henry Anderson, George Kord

Middle Row:  Keith Steinbruck, Tommy Johnston, Phillip Wendell, Sue Kastelic, Jim Silva, Marty Graul,

Bottom Row:  

Pam Verrigee, Teresa BAtkin, Carla Bachelder, Karen Ziganto, Janise Rush, Sandra Zambelli, Jackie Toorenore




Hoover School 7th Grade

Top Row - ??; Dave Gow; Dave Goebel; ??; Mike Campbell; ??

Third Row - Mike Barrett; ??; ??; ??; Kathy Maybury; ??; ??

Second Row - ??; ??; Corky Sorrick; ??; Renee Jones; Curtis ?

First Row - Mrs. Kennedy; Ilona Peckman; ??; ??; ??; Lamar Marutani; Georgene Newman; David ?; Miss Vanilla




Roosevelt School 6th grade from Bob Borton

Top row-Tommy LIn, Kathie Jean Safholm, Stan Puchta,, Michael Di Gino,  Nancy Mayo, Steve?

Second row -   ??, Chuck Moerk , ??, ??, ??, ??, Bob Borton

Third row  Steven Robert Andersen, Dave Doran. Walt Dorsey, Barbara Heidenreich, ?? Robin Miller,  Peter Hellerich , 

Bottom row  ??,,  Katy Parsons 

Roosevelt School Grade 3 from Bob Borton

Top Row:  Chuck Thorp, Ed Dunn, Jackie Solomon, 

Second Row:  ??, Jim Oliver, ??,Mike Doolan, ??, ??, Bob Borton,

Third Row:  Jim Portman, ??,??,??,??,??,??, Ray Grove

Fourth Row:  Chuck Moerk,??,??,??, Dave Eckles, Terri Martinez


Roosevelt School Grade four from Bob Borton

Top Row: ??,??, Robin Miller,??,??, Jim Portman

Second Row: Chuck Thorp, ??, Jim Oliver, ??,??,??, Allen Earlier, Ray Grove

Third Row:  ??,??,??,??,??,??, Phyllis Baker, 

Fourth Row:  ??,??,??,Erik Kruger,??,Terry Martinez,??. ??, Ed Dunn

Bottom Row: Dave Eckles,














Top row:  Gregory Myall, Alberta Stuart, Russell Seufert, Penny George,  Arthur Boskous, ???

Second Row:  ??,  Keith Lindgren,  ??,  Jim Kalteran,  Pam Webber,  ?? ??, 

Third Row:     Jaqueline Toorenaar?, ?, Missy Myall, Pat???,  Karen Ziganto, Patricia Southward, ?

Fourth Row     Curtis Brown, ?, ?,  Ms. Elsie,  Judy Jarvie, ?   far right Mark Mitchell

Bottom Row:  Chuck Barsotti,, Paul Sanfilipo  ??,  ??,,   Mary Miles?,  Ralph Farquerson


Thomas Edison School Grade 5

Second Row:  ??, Jim Stratton, ??, ??,??, Jim Oliver, 

Lincoln School, Mrs. Elsie, Kindergarten



Third (top) row, Richard Mangini, Mark Mitchell, Marshall Gluskin.Curtis Brown, Jim Kalteren, Louis Barross, Arnold Gallo

Second row, first person from left is Dave Collins, 4th is Dick Cullen, Marty Graul, Andy Elliott. Gary Hoffman, Jim Silva, Dave Dixon, Gary Hoffman, Lawrence Harris.

First Row (bottom) Patty Mcdonald, ??,  Carol Franson?,  5th from left Carol Nobs, Karen Ziganto?? Janet Palmer, Pam Veregge, Susan Nix, Ann Corrazzini, Vicky Hammer

McKinley, Mr. Williams 8th grade (from Gerry (Wright) Young

From Janet Gill,  Roosevelt School Grade 2 Mrs. Bettinger

From Janet Gill Goodwin School 1st Grade  Mrs. Swan

Top Row: Third from right: Phil Terry, Mary Jo Glass ?

Middle Row: Third from left: Linda Conona

Bottom Row: Far Left: Janet Gill, Emily Honda, third from right, Judy Namba, ?, Lana Gingher


Mr. Grubb's 5th Grade class Lincoln School (from George Pepper)

Back Row:  Mr. Grub, Sherril Shell, Carol Patterson, Ralph Farquerson, Julie Van ells,  Debbie Williams, Pam Webber, Sandy Hill

3rd Row:  Carol Franson,  Lawrence Williams,  ??, Gerry Wright, Theresa Batkin, Don Franco,  David Bielenberg

2nd Row: Margot Hoffman  Janet Palmer, Carrol Moran, Sue Taylor,  Sandra Zambelli, Gretchen Knittle, Alberta Stuart, Carol Nobs

1st Row: Arnold Gallo, Marshall Gluskin, Greg Cochran , George Pepper, Jeff Miller Chuck Barsotti

Row 3: Mrs. Stoskopf,  ??, Arnold Gallo, Kirk Young, Jason Cromer, Jeff Miller,  Kylw Akroy, 

Keith Lindgren, Alan Schwartz, George Pepper, Mark Hanson 

Row 2: Curtis Brown, Ralph Farquerson, Jim Silva, Marty Graul, Denise Seifert, Sandra Zambelli, Carrol Moran, Alberta Stuart, Vicie Hammer, Jim Kalteran, Gary Hoffman, Art Bouskos

Row 1. Connie Knittle, Gretchen Knittle, Nancy Galiata, Pam Webber, Pamela Veragee, Janice Reff, Cathy ??, Sue Kastelic??,  Julie Blevins







Top Row:  Mrs. Baker, David Dixon, Jim Kalteren, Michael Meleyco, Ralph Farquerson,  Glen Korengold, Ron Lindgren,  Bob Ziegler

2nd Row:  Gary Hoffman, Andy Elliott,  Curtis Brown, Mark Mitchell, David Bielenberg, Alan Schwartz, Dario Pino, George Pepper, Keith Lindgren

Front Row  Carol Nobs, Mary Miles, Roberta ?, Julie Blevins, ??, Marilyn Schabot, Janet Palmer, Vickie Hammer


Back Row:  Marty Grawl, Ralph Farquerson, Jim Kalteren

Middle Row: Ruth, USula Riff, Pam Webber, Carol Nobs, Art Bouskos, Karen Ziiganto, Connie Knittle

Bottem Row:  Barbara Bruneau, Arnold GAllo, Marshall Gluskin, Chuck Barsotti, Vicki Hammer, Alberta Stuart, Mark Mitchel, Greg Guiol, Alan Schwartz


5th Grade Mrs. Irwin (thank you Marty Graul for the photo and names)

Back Row:  Pam Veregee, Ruth, Janice Reff, Kitty Fairclough, Mary Miles , Jim Silva

Middle Row:  Jim Dooley, George ,  Carole Patterson , Marilyn Schabot, ??  Leif Rideout, Jim Silva,  Marty Graul, Dave Dixon,

Henry Anderson, Karen, Kim, Connie Knittle, Barbara Bruenau, Jackie Toorenaar, Vicki Hammer, Greg Guiol

Bottom Row:  Art Boskous, Andy Elliott, Curtis Brown, Alan Schwartz 


Goodwin School Kindergarten  Miss Rice -  Help us name these cuties!

First row:  (fourth from left) Nancy Mayo, Phil Castle

Second row: (fourth from left)Judith Flahery  (8th from left)Janet Gill

Who do you recoginize?  Help us fill in the caption.

First row:  Margot Hoffman, , Georgene Newman fifth from left.

Third row: Third from left Liz Espinoza, fourth John Cardoza.

Firth row: Fifth from left Bill Koeper.

If you have any childhood photos with your Sequoia Classmates please email them to so she can put them on this page. 


1th Birthday Party 

Carrol Moran, Julie Van Ells, Marilyn Schabot, Pam Webber, Nancy Moran


Mr. Carper's Sixth Grade Class  (thank you George Pepper  and Marty Graul for the photos)

Back Row:  Mark Mitchell, Phil , Ron Hiscox, Mike Avery, Andy Elliott

Third row:  Vickie Hammer, Mr. Carper, Al Manning, Maty Graul, Sandy Hill, Ruth Erickson, Janice Ruff, Ralph Gunderson, Ralph Farquerson, Kitty Fairclough, Pam Veregee, Leif Riedout, Jim Silva, Fred Stump, Jaqueline Toorenar, Janet Palmer

Second row:  Carrol Moran, Gretchen Knittle, Julie Blevins, Barbara Bruneau, Carol Franson, Sheryl Shell, Julie Van Ells, Gerry Wright, Sandra Zambelli

First Row: Jim Moran, George Pepper, Curtis Brown, Lawrence Williams, Arnold Gallo, Lee Remmick


Washington School,  4th Grade class .

Top Row: Terry Garfoli?, Charlie Johnson,Karen Bernard. Mark Meltzer, Joanne Stagnaro, Frank Washington


Second Row: ??, Teddy Grant, Barbara Granara, Leslie Smith, Donna Flournoy, ??, Mike Alexander, Larry Goldsmith?


Third row: Dolores Hollomon?, ??,  Gilbert Aiken, Tommy McEvoy, ??, ??, Zanette Attaberry


Fourth Row: Ron Barbieri, Beverley Goodspeed, ??,  Liz Espinoza, Mickey Richmond, Joyce Goodwin,  Bela Toth?, Bonnie Labao, Olav Lysaand? 


Fifth Row: Joe Cardono, Robert Ferro


2nd row: Catherine Miller, Mark Flager?, Alan Osborne, Bill Buchann, Charles Munson, ??, ??, ??, Lee ?

3rd row: Terry Kehl, 

4th row: ??, Millie Kelly,