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Mildred Louise Kelley

Mildred Louise Kelley

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05/13/17 11:52 AM #1    

Carrol Moran

I am so sorry to hear that Milie has passed away.  In high school she had such a wonderful sense of humor and playfulness.  She could always make me laugh by saying the most outrageous things.  I remember at our first reunion she was still devastated by the loss of her boyfriend, Gene Magnan, who was one of the first people we lost in our class and it was a tragic death.  Millie adored Gene.  I was glad she was able to make the picnic at our last reunion, she apparently passed away shortly after that. It was good to catch up with her. We have really been searching for her and  I was so sorry to hear from her son that she died shortly after the 45th reunion.    

05/13/17 06:47 PM #2    

Alene McCarthy (Karthas)

How sad to learn that Millie passed away so soon after our last reunion. There are photos of her included in the Prior Reunions page. She was always such a nice person and it was wonderful catching up in 2012. I am very thankful that her son let us know of her passing. I know you'll be at the events in spirit, Millie! 

05/14/17 09:12 AM #3    

Stanley Ware Stetson

So sad, my heart hurts to know this light has darkened.  Mildred Kelly had a spark and fire, but it seems life did not fan her flame.  Rest in peace dear girl.

05/15/17 07:45 AM #4    

Thomas Artru

We dated at one time during the early high school years.  What I remember most about "Tinker Bell" was her love of music. We would listen to the 4 Tops, Temptations, Beach Boys.  We would also go to the sock hops at the Roller Rink on Friday nights after skating was over.

I saw her at our 20 year reunion in Palo Alto and we stayed in touch some after that.  I remember when I lived in Texas I met her in Austin, Texas with her son who was finishing school and getting ready to go into the military service.

Several years later I was visiting in California and we went to Santa Cruz to the boardwalk to ride the roller coaster.

Life was not easy for Millie but she always had a good attitude.  The last time I saw her was at the Alumni BBQ in 2011 or 2012.  At that time I was not aware that she had any health issues.  I reached out to her several times after that but never received a response.  Now I know why.  I invision her now on her roller skates serving up those plates of ham and eggs to everyone she meets because she was friendly with everyone. 


05/15/17 09:54 AM #5    

Linda Quirk (Hayward)

I used to hang out with Millie at her aunt’s house on El Camino and then across the street from the Tank Park.  She was always up to something and always laughing or making me laugh.  Tom is right that she did have some difficulties growing up, but I never thought of it that way and she never showed it.  She seemed upbeat and happy all the time and made everyone around her happy.  God Bless you Millie.  See you on the ~ other side. 

05/15/17 11:13 AM #6    

Rita Lane Broyles (Matthews)

I knew Milly as a Cherokette our senior year. I'm so sad to hear of her passing. She was one of the classmates I was really hoping to see at the reunion. Always upbeat, smiling, outgoing, happy and full of enthusiasm, she will remain in everyone's heart as that grad who was universally admired. I'll never forget her. God keep you, Milly. 

05/15/17 09:23 PM #7    

Marilyn R. Schabot

sad‚Äč Oh my, it saddens me so to hear this news. Millie was so much fun at our last get-together. She kept after me until I said "yes" to going. She was so full of light and joy that day. I had a feeling about the state of her health but just kept it to myself and enjoyed the day with her. She's been on my mind of late and I wondered why I hadn't heard from her since and about this year's event. Now I know why I had that intuitive feeling. Thank you Millie for being the beautiful person you were that day and always. I will always remember your laugh and the fun you brought to the picnic that day. angel


05/18/17 09:55 PM #8    

Richard Eugene Elliott

This is really shocking news. Millie and I emailed some before the 45th Reunion, for a few years. NOW, I know why there is no reply. So glad I got to see her at the 45th Reunion/Sequoia Picnic.  Thought of her often. Now in God's hands. 

05/19/17 11:56 AM #9    

Mitchell V. Halgren

My sister Bonnie introduced me to Millie before our senior year started.  She was a terrific friend and a genuine hoot to be around.  She and Gene were good people...I was Blessed to have been in touch with her via email in the early 2000's and were able to catch up some...makes the couple pictures I have of going to Santa Cruz together pretty special.  Rest In Peace...

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