Prior Reunions


Linda Quirk Hayward's back, Lester Robinson, Carrol Moran, Thom Artru - dancing at the free concert at Courthouse Square. 2012.

Thom Artru, Al Duncan, Mike Campbell - Courthouse Square after the Meet and Greet 2012.


Brenda Wong, Al Duncan, Linda Quirk Hayward - Meet and Greet at the Old Spaghetti Factory 2012

Mike Campbell, Olav Lyssand, Al Duncan 2012

Linda and Lester - 2012


Richard Elliott, Lester Robinson, Alene McCarthy Karthas 2012


Greg Beck - 2012

Jeanne Payette Daveggio, Glenda Howland (R.I.P.) and Terry Kehl - 2012

Mark and Sara Meltzer, Brenda Wong, Don Franco - 2012

Toby Yarberry Gibson and Nikki Henry Young at the 2006 joint reunion. 

Kathy Patterson, Brenda Wong,  Andy Elliott, Andrea Sodman at the 20th Reunion.


Stan Stetson,  Bob Ziegler, Mary Keckley 20th Reunion

Siva,  Yoshiko, Linda & Bill Larsen and at the 20th Reunon


Andy Elliott, Andrea Sodman,  Siva, ??


Shared by Yoshiko Saito taken at Eileen's house in Los altos

Backrow: Olav Lyssand, Sue Lyssand, Rose Campbell, Mike Campbell

Front row: Benson Kanemoto, Eileen (Uyeda) Kanemoto, Carrol Moran, Yoshiko (Saito) Hirano


Shared by Yoshiko Saito

Carrol Moran, Eileen Uyeda Kanemoto, Stan Stetson. Dave Collins, Olav Lyssand, Mike Campbell 





At the Irongate in 2012, Mike Campbell, Carrol Moran, Olav Lyssand, Stan Stetson, Al Duncan. Linda Quirk, Brenda Wong, Cathy Patterson 


Carrol Moran and Dick Cullen at the Iron Gate restaurant, 2012.


Mike Campbell, Mr. Kirchgatter (Algebra, Geometry and Calculus teacher), Olav Lyssand, 2012 Alumni Picnic.


Eileen Uyeda, Karen Ziganto, Linda Quirk, Alene McCarthy, Carrol Moran, Brenda Wong, Cathy Patterson. Iron Gate, 2012


Gene Kopecky, Olav Lyssand, Stan Stetson, 2012 reunion gathering at Iron Gate.


Olav Lyssand, Sharon Emick Sanchez, Thom Artru, Linda Quirk Hayward at 2011 joint gathering with class of '66.


Ron Gilmore, Reddick Bibbs, Carroll Watkins. 2011 '66/'67 gathering at Waterfront restaurant.


Thom Artru - 2012 Alumni picnic


Alan Manning, Josie Vasquez (Madeline Ibrahim), Millie Kelley in background. 2012 Alumni Picnic


Alene McCarthy, Alice Frahm, Millie Kelley - 2012 Alumni Picnic


Alice Frahm, Olav Lyssand, Mike Campbell, Millie Kelley. 2012 Alumni Picnic.


Thom Artru, Olav Lyssand, Mike Campbell, Millie Kelley - 2012 Alumni Picnic


Reuben Uribe, Ron Gilmore, Reddick Bibbs 2012 meet and greet.


Carrol Moran and Brenda Wong. Iron Gate, 21012

Thom Artru. 

Stan Stetson, Dick Cullen. The Old Spaghetti Factory meet and greet, 2012

Al Duncan, Olav Lyssand. The Old Spaghetti Factory 2012

Paula (Salcedo) Cullen '68, Carrol Moran, Cathy Patterson Vollmer, 2012 meet and greet. 

Nick Guida, Cathy Patterson, Tommy Soto, Class picnic 2006.


Mike Campbell and Age Lyssand '66 at The Waterfront Restaurant (formerly Harbor House Restaurant at Pete's Harbor) meet and greet, 2011. 


Sharon Emick Sanchez' husband, Randy  and  Linda Quirk Hayward at Waterfront restaurant 2011.

2006 joint 39th/40th reunion committee with the class of '66 at the San Mateo Elks Club for our dinner party. 

Linda Quirk Hayward '67, Rick Hoag'66, Tina Carini Peterson'66, Susan Glick Krimmer '66, Alene McCarthy Karthas '67, Carrol Moran '67, Nancy Moran '66


2011 meet and greet at The Waterfront Restaurant in Redwood City.

Linda Quirk Hayward, Mike Campbell, Carrol Moran, Olav Lyssand

2011 meet and greet at the Waterfront Restaurant.

Alene McCarthy Karthas and Reddick Bibbs.

Tom Smith '66 and Reddick Bibbs '67 at the Waterfront Restaurant in 2011. Yup - that's Alan Manning '67 in the background. 

Richard Elliott and his wife at the Waterfront Restaurant meet and greet in 2011.

Reddick Bibbs and Caroll Watkins, Waterfront Restaurant, 2011.

2011- Ray Balzerini '68, Lori Ryan Balzerini '68, Catherine Patterson Vollmer, Linda Quirk Hayward, Debbie Balzerini (Ray's sister). The Balzerini clan was at the Waterfront restaurant for a different function! 

Catherine Patterson Vollmer, Sharon Emick Sanchez, Linda Quirk Hayward, 2011 meet and greet.

Mike Campbell, Don Franco, Carrol Moran, Olav Lyssand, 2011.


Caroll Watkins and Richard Elliott, 2011.


Cathy Patterson Vollmer, Dave Dombroski, Stan Stetson, 2006 reunion picnic on campus with class of '66.

Alan Manning, Madeline (Josie Vasquez) Ibrahim, Millie Kelley at Alumni picnic 2012.

Mrs. Moran (Carrol's mom) far left, Alene McCarthy Karthas, Mike Peterson (Tina Carini Peterson '66's husband) at the Alumni Picnic on campus 2012. 

Olav Lyssand, Eileen Uyeda Kanemoto, Mike Campbell, Alumni Picnic 2012.

Carrol Moran, Mike Campbell, Betty Moran in Carrington Hall (Alumni Picnic 2012).

'66/'67 group photo on stage at Carrington Hall in 2006.

'67 group photo on campus for our class picnic in 2006. Maiden names shown for the women.

Front row: Jainine Tordel (deceased), Sharon Simms, Reuben Uribe, Janis Clark, Lester Robinson, Greg Beck, Andrea Sodman, Sandy Hill, Cathy Patterson, Brenda Wong, Mark Meltzer, Alene McCarthy, Andy Elliott, Linda Quirk, Stan Stetson.

Back row: Dave Dombroski, Dennis Bianco, Yoshi Saito, Carrol Moran, Eileen Uyeda, Marilyn Schabot, Steven Dowell, Debbie Mierly, Dianne Wynne, Linda Boyajian, Toby Yarberry, Dave Doran ? (can't see him clearly)

Alene McCarthy Karthas and Yoshiko Saito Hirano decorating for the 2006 joint reunion dinner party with class of '66.

Bob Bunyard, Linda Quirk Hayward, Reuben Uribe at the '66/'67 reunion dinner party in 2006. 

Richard Elliott and Joe Spina at the 2006 joint '66/'67 reunion dinner party - San Mateo Elks.

Nick Guida, Cathy Patterson Vollmer, Tommy Soto. Class picnic with class of '66 in 2006.

Bill Larsen with Yoshiko Saito Hirano at the class picnic, 2006.

Eileen Uyeda Kanemoto, Bill Larsen at class picnic with class of '66 in 2006. 

Alberta Stuart and Alene McCarthy Karthas at the class picnic, 2006.

Linda Quirk Hayward and Reuben Uribe on the school tour in 2006. 

Charles Little, Jim Macko and Bill Larsen at the joint '66/'67 reunion dinner party in 2006.

Andrea Sodman, Nancy Lambert '66, Brenda Wong, Sandy Hill, Class picnic 2006.

Stan Stetson, Yoshiko Saito Hirano, Carrol Moran, joint '66/'67 reunion in 2006. Our 39th, their 40th!

Allyson Loeffler Canepa, Bill Larsen, class picnic 2006. 

Greg Beck and  Bob Johnson at the 2006 joint '66/'67 reunion dinner party.

Bill Jenkins '66, Terry Kehl Jenkins, Jeanne Payette, Daveggio at joint '66/67 reunion dinner party 2006.

Linda Quirk Hayward, Dave Dombroski, Alene McCarthy Karthas, class picnic 2006.

Linda Quirk Hayward, Alene McCarthy Karthas, Brenda Wong, 2006 joint reunion with '66.

Bill Larsen and Linda Quirk Hayward at class picnic, 2006.

Walter Andrade '66, Robert Steinfield, Bill Larsen at class picnic 2006.

Greg Beck, Reuben Uribe, Marilyn Schabot, Linda Quirk Hayward, Cathy Patterson Vollmer - class picnic 2006, school tour. I think the fellow in the back is Art Phillips, class of '66.