Photos of sequoia by:  Charles Munson

Treble Clef. Also shown on Arts & Music at Sequoia page.

Left side: Sandy Miller, Janis Gurnsey, Beverly Schutz, Nancy Hoff, Jeannie Langston, Debbie Barlow, Betty Wilson

Right side: Josie Vasquez, Jan Fredlund, Gerry Wright, Marty Towns, Paula Johnson, Sue O'donald, Carol Nobs, Dagmar Kolar








Rainbow Girls Grand Assembly in Long Beach, CA

Back row: Kris Johnson, Jackie Toorenaar, Lynn Fellows, Derolyn Cromer, Mrs Pierce

2nd row: Bonnie Cromer, Charlotte Pierce, Cindy Hertwick, Pat Rockhold, unknown, Karen Ziganto 

Front row: Janet Massman, Jill Mattison,Carol Franson, Cindy Lund, Bev Morgan







The Cherokees running onto the field through the Cherokette welcome Stanford Stadium 66!

Half time at  the Paly Game 1966

Mike Campbell and Keith Bimson playing twister. Andy Elliott, Olav Lyssand playing twister with Bill Larsen on the couch.  Milly Kelley, Keith Bimson and Mike Campell and Keith Bimson on twister.

Rita Broyles and Phil Terry, Emily Honda and Siva, Yoshiko and friends,Yoskhiko and Mary Keckley, Keith Bimson playing twister, 

Andy Elliott and Oly Lyssand playing twister 

Who can name these Cherokettes?

Front Row Head Cherokettes,  Mary Keckley, Rita Broyles, Carrol Moran

Doreen Fujimoto, Paula Salcedo, Renee Cassidy, Milly Kelly, ??, Diane Knudson, ?,?, Cindy Kirby, ?, ?, ?, Judy Chapman, Linda Murphy, ?, ?