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Rodney V. McCauley

Rodney V. McCauley

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07/12/18 12:04 PM #3    

Richard Eugene Elliott

Rod was always fun to be around. He made me laugh a lot! He was very good natured and quite active in Sequoia programs. We shared a P.E. class. It sure would have been fun to talk with him at reunions. RIP Rod! Although he passed awhile back, I share my condolences with his family and friends.  

07/13/18 08:43 AM #4    

Mitchell V. Halgren

We weren't close but I remember him will as routinely smiling and quick to laugh.  RIP Rod, you brightened my time with yours...

07/13/18 10:46 AM #5    

Cynthia Lund (Sells)

I've looked for Rod at every reunion, hoping to catch up with him. I so enjoyed him at Sequoia and I think McKinely...he had an infectious zest for life and a great sense of humor.  He made me laugh often, sometimes with just a raised eyebrow that said "see I told you".   He was very active and we worked on various projects especially a float for the Paly parade one year  Wonderful energy that I'm sure is still with him whatever he gets up to on the other side.   

07/14/18 11:39 AM #6    

Don Franco

Like others I was saddened to learn of Rod's passing.  He was a fun loving good guy.  Knew him best from our shared experience on the varsity football teams.  For the best photo description of Rod, check out the '67 Yearbook (ununmbered page 11 in the front section).  His teammates, probably from the baseball team, had him pose for the photo wearing a muzzle. Uh, yes, Rod could be just a bit talkative.  In the photo he wears his muzzle with pride, knowing that he drove his teammates crazy with chatter while also knowing they wouldn't have honored him with the muzzle if they didn't simply enjoy his presence and friendship.  Thanks for leaving your mark, Rod.  We miss you.  

07/15/18 07:37 AM #7    

Bill Larsen

07/15/18 07:49 AM #8    

Bill Larsen

I always liked taking direction from Franco so I thought I would search out and post the picture of Rod he was referring to.

Like many others I knew Rod casually.  But he was always positive and seemed to effortlessly navigate the myriad of ups and downs of life at Sequoia,  I never saw with an attitude unless it was all about Fun and Smiles.  I always felt better after seeing or talking with Rod.

It is extremely unfortunate that by the time of our next major Reunion, half of the Class of '67 will be gone.  And surprises (like Rod's passing) are many times not good surprises.  I recommend we all take a moment to tell our friends what they have meant to us while we still can ....

07/16/18 09:26 AM #9    

Beverly Schutz (Morgan)

RIP, Rod, and bravo to Bill Larsen for reminding us of the fragility of life. To think that half of our class of 552 is now deceased is another reason to join us for the Meet and Greet and/or Alumni picnic on August 17 and 18. Come, greet and embrace your classmates. Enjoy your friendships. Celebrate Sequoia and all of us who spent those formative (and often frustrating) hgh school years together.

07/16/18 10:32 AM #10    

Stanley Ware Stetson

Rod was a good guy and accomplished ball player.  I remember him being an enthusuastic member of the Boys Board of Athletics.  We sold refreshments at athletic events and did the programs.  Rod was one of the guys who always showed up did his share.  He was a team player and a good friend.  He is the third person I cared about that I have learned of their passing in the last two weeks.  plan to make my arms sore by hugging family and friends when I see them next, be prepared at the meet and greet.

07/17/18 10:09 AM #11    

Richard Cullen

Rod was a great guy with an infectious laugh and very good athletic ability. Rod was a little loud and boisterous, but I think most of us were! Rod never did anything at 80-90% effort. We sometimes referred to him as “Hotrod” as he gave maximum effort on the field at all times. Rod was an accomplished catcher and awesome team player (with players and teammates like that, it’s no wonder we won the league championship our senior year)! I’ve missed his enthusiasm and great laugh at our reunions. RIP, my friend and teammate.


07/24/18 10:05 AM #12    

Carrol Moran

I remember Rod from both Sequoia and  CSM where we got to know each other better. He was a great catcher on the baseball team.  He was such a character who always had something to say. His talking tended to hide his vulnerability. He had a very sweet inner core.  I was sorry to hear of his passing.

 I received this note from his son, David, that tells us a little more about his life.


Sorry it has taken me so long to get back to you. Thank you for your kind words about my dad.
After high school Dad played baseball and Cuenyata (that is probably not spelled right)  College (Cañada College) and then spent some time at Cal State Stanislaus. He then moved back to Redwood City. Dad was married twice and had a son and a daughter. Dad worked in sales at Arrow Electronics for several years and then bounced around to few different companies after that. In 2004 Dad moved to Kansas where I was living.  Dad then began driving a truck, he and I lost touch for a few years while he was on the road. In 2011 he moved back to Kansas as his health was not very good. He passed away of natural causes on 8/19/2013. Dad was a avid waterfowl hunter and loved to fish and those are the best memories I have of time we spent together outdoors. Baseball was also a huge part of Dad's life and sports in general. Please share this with any of his past friends that would be interested.
Take Care
David McCauley

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